sortie speleologique lombrives colonnes.
descente dans le gouffre
sortie speleologique lombrives
fistuleuses Lombrives
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you are minimum 5 PERS? A VISIT just for your group? WHY NOT?

½ day speleological hike

New! do you want to live a unique experience? discover new galleries? We propose to you our

Half day hike:

When you come to Lombrives, it's to get off the beaten track regardless of the hike you choose. This allows you to explore the galleries beyond the lake, with your family.

Equipped with a helmet and a headlamp, follow in the footsteps of the great explorers, retrace their history (come and discover the living and sleeping area of ​​the team members of the Deep Time scientific expedition, we take the time to settle there for a tasting of our local products during a short break into the cave.).

Discover the geological and historical treasures contained in the bowels of the cave. (The part called "Galerie du Lion" is newly accessible to the general public: more than 2 km from the entrance to the Lombrives cave. It is an absolutely splendid marble gallery.

Guided hike accessible whatever your age if you are a good walker (A passage of 10 meters on a suspended walkway, very easy to cross ... unless you are dizzy). Hiking shoes and warm clothing essential. A parenthesis out of time, a full connection with nature.

Group reduced to 16 people. Any age (be careful, we do not recommend children under 8 years old because for the little ones half a day in the effort in a wet environment it can be long!)
Price: 38 € / pers for the guided hike + the equipment + the gourmet tasting in the cave.



Half day hike:

There will be little, very little to discover Lombrives beyond the area rarely open to the public. Only 10 groups per year (of 12 people maximum) will live this unique experience.

Accompanied and equipped by a caving guide, this half-day hike allows you to sink into "the giant's lair".

Guided hike accessible if you are a good walker (A passage of 10 meters on a piece of rock, very easy to cross ... unless you are dizzy). Hiking shoes and warm clothing essential.

Child over 8 years old recommanded!

Price: 38 € / pers: includes guided hike, equipment and gourmet break.


Overview of the visit:

You go around the lake, walk on the sand, join the gallery until the junction with Niaux. You make your way through the boulders. You are then facing the abyss. Going around it you will discover the nacelles and footbridges left by the greatest explorers of our time. Here you are in the gallery of the virgin, a pure wonder. Beautiful in nature ... let wonder overwhelm you, here time stands still ....

A word from Catherine Blasco, your devoted manager of Lombrives: " " When you enter LOMBRIVES, an ancient, surprising and powerful world is offered to us. A timeless parenthesis, a unique, moving, introspective experience, beyond from what we can imagine "      


These tours are for people over 8 years old. It has no difficulty, no narrow passage or water passage. On the other hand, it does require you to be a walker in good shape. Your guide will equip you with a wetsuit, a helmet and a headlamp. Wear warm and comfortable clothes and good walking shoes


38 € / pers (the price includes: access, guide, equipment rental, copious tasting of local produce)

By reservation: at 06 49 44 45 00

Are you a group of between 5 and 18 people? We can schedule a departure for a private visit on a date at your convenience.

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